What is a “Fliptych”?

A Fliptych is a single image made up of two matching parts of a single image. An identical copy is then generated from an original and the images are aligned side by side or one under the other. Most martymarkoephotography.com Fliptychs are in landscape mode. These are created in Photoshop by using Image Rotation – Flip Canvas Horizontal. To make a portrait mode Fliptych, use Flip Canvas Vertical. See Diptych: When 1 + 1 equals more than 2.

This concept came to me one day when looking at my hands. First I had my palms facing toward eyes with my left pinky touching right pinky. Then, for a reason unbeknownst, I crossed my right hand over the left so the thumbs were touching. It was an “Aha Moment,” which led to experimenting with making Fliptychs.

At Marty Markoe Photography, we pride ourselves on providing a genuine and enjoyable experience for all of our customers. We aim to provide high-quality art that will suit many different spaces; with the goal being to have something available for any client. Bare walls can feel sterile, but our art helps visitors and employees feel more at home. We have an archive of thousands of images. Let us know if you are looking for a special image. Clients often mention the need for images of certain tones, colors, places, events, people and genres.

fliptychs sample

FlipTychs for your visitors

Give those who enter your doors something to contemplate as they wait or walk around by hanging beautiful pieces on your wall! You can order new wall art in a variety of media like metal is an option if you prefer quality with no additional fees! If you have any questions about ordering, please contact us so we can better assist you.

We aim to provide high-quality art for a variety of spaces. We can work with a number of different clients, including:

Art galleries
Government entities
Interior designers
Medical offices
Private collectors

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