The ocean is a majestic piece of nature, formidable yet calming — sometimes at the same time. If you want to experience its beauty on a daily basis, you can hang color seascape photography wall art prints in your home. Different prints can evoke different emotions in their viewers, so browse our options below and pick one that suits you and your décor.

A Pop of Color

The ocean features a variety of blues, but if you want a pop of a different color in your wall art, an ocean photo can still fill that décor choice. Featuring reds, whites, and greys in addition to a range of blues, our photography can fit in with any number of styles. From whimsical to serene to awe-inspiring, craft your room’s mood with a photo taken by our very own Marty Markoe.

Experience high-quality photos in any customizable size you like, small or large. Contact Us and place your order with Marty Markoe Photography today.

Seascape Photography Art Prints

Our Color Seascape images are perfect for Photography Wall Art displays in the home or commercial spaces. These creative seascape photography art prints depict natural scenes of water, water and land and objects in the water. These seascape art photographs are meant to connect the viewer with scenes that can evoke peacefulness or nature’s fury for the person viewing the image. Seascapes can encompass vast scenes of water, waterfalls, or tidal pools. Seascapes are meant to provoke inner memories, connections to one’s soul or desires to view the waters or bask within.

Seascape images can be spiritual and link the viewer to past experiences or future desires. Marty Markoe’s philosophy of photography takes the word Photography literally. It derives from the Greek Photo meaning light and Graph meaning to draw.

When considering photographing a seascape scene for image capture, 2 main elements are considered. 1st is lighting. Seascape photos are most dramatic when exposed in directional light like at sunrise or sunset, or flat light like overcast or foggy, or with precipitation on rainy days. The 2nd element considered is composition. This means the forms within the frame of the scene have an arrangement that doesn’t detract from the intention to evoke the inner psyche of the viewer. Images the photographer shares should reach within a person viewing these seascape art photos.

Palm Tree and Flag

Photography – “Light Writing” in Greek

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